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The April 3 2009 Mooroolbark College Flooding.


Firstly, let me say I’m back (it’s great to be back) and when I last posted, I decided to give myself a bit of a breather to alleviate any possible signs of hitting the wall.


I had originally posted this as a Facebook comment to a guy who I have on my list and this was a photo comment and not your typical Facebook post or status.

There are some tweaks to give you an understanding of what happened.


The following entry is my take on what happened on that eventful day.

 Main body of information.

In 2009, when I was in Year 12, there was this massive rainstorm that hit Mooroolbark College.

It was a very hot and humid April 3rd which was a Friday.

I was standing outside the Common Room when all of a sudden, it started to piss down and what do I see in the distance, a Soccer game on the Basketball court in play.

I walked into the Common Room and wouldn’t you know it, the carpet flooded almost completely.

There was a crate thing that was in the middle of the school’s Common Room it became completely dislodged which caused the flooding.

The Common Room was one big meeting place where everyone was welcomed only if they respected its rules.

The gutters near the canteen were overwhelmed and leaked like a bitch.

It was a deluge of massive proportions.

A mini waterfall was created on the bank of the walkway near E Block.

Everyone was amazed, bemused and bewildered at the enormity of the flooding.

As I said at the start, this was a humid and sticky day.

The principal (Mr Geoffrey Flett, who was principal of Mooroolbark College from term 1 2002 – term 2 2008 had already left by then and was subsequently replaced by current principal Mr Simon Reid) decided to play buzzkiller and sent us off to Period 4 classes (we swapped from a 6 period school day to a period 4 day as of 2007.)

Everyone wanted to enjoy the moment as it was pretty darn spectacular.

It flooded that bad I saw a Year 7 student walk in the walkway without socks and shoes on as they copped a fair brunt of it.

At the same time, I walked to my Health class in X Block (they had brought in portables in 2007) and during class (I was sitting next to a window), I noticed one of the gutters was still leaking and the leak created a little puddle.

In my planner, I’d written a little note and showed it to a guy sitting in front of me.
Those words, “anyone got some shampoo?”

The puddles in the walkway were ankle high.

It claimed one school exercise book and pretty much flooded an entire locker.

Months later, the carpet was still a mess from that deluge, mainly due to the muddiness from the debris created by falling leaves, shoe marks and whatever else.

This was pretty darn cool I will add.

And as I lived (and still do) opposite the ECA, my journey home (I managed to make myself late for school because I didn’t give a shit) was a lot more easier than those who’d walk a few blocks to get home, catch a bus home or a train.

This was Melbourne’s weather at its finest.

Tomorrow marks 4 years since the greatest weather related thing I’d ever seen occurred happen.

It was such a blur that I didn’t give myself the opportunity to savour the moment and absorb the enormity of it all.

Thank you for reading this post of mine and let me say, it’s good to be back.

Peace out.


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