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AFL Byes.

In the VFL/AFL, there have been byes to alleviate the stresses on players bodies and, in some cases, to cater for an odd numbered team number.

For instance, 1991-94 had 15 teams which meant that at least one team was required to sit the bye out.

The following is a list of rounds and the teams who were allocated byes for each round.


R01 BB, Carl, Ess, Fitz, Geel, NM And Syd.
R02 Footscray.
R03 West Coast.
R04 Hawthorn.
R05 St Kilda.
R06 Richmond.
R07 Collingwood.
R08 Adelaide.
R09 Melbourne.
R10 Carlton.
R11 Fitzroy.
R12 Essendon.
R13 North Melbourne.
R14 Geelong.
R15 Brisbane.
R16 Sydney.
R17 Footscray.
R18 West Coast.
R19 Hawthorn.
R20 St Kilda.
R21 Richmond.
R22 Collingwood.
R23 Adelaide.
R24 Melbourne.


R01 Coll, Fitz, Melb, NM, Rich, Syd And WCE.
R02 Adelaide.
R03 Carlton.
R04 Brisbane.
R05 Geelong.
R06 Footscray.
R07 Essendon.
R08 Hawthorn.
R09 St Kilda.
R10 Fitzroy.
R11 West Coast.
R12 Sydney.
R13 Richmond.
R14 Melbourne.
R15 Collingwood.
R16 North Melbourne.
R17 Adelaide.
R18 Carlton.
R19 Brisbane.
R20 Geelong.
R21 Footscray.
R22 Essendon.
R23 Hawthorn.
R24 St Kilda.


R01 Sydney.
R02 Fitzroy.
R03 Adelaide.
R04 Carlton, Footscray And Richmond.
R05 Collingwood, Hawthorn And West Coast.
R06 St Kilda.
R07 Essendon.
R08 Melbourne.
R09 Brisbane.
R10 Geelong.
R11 North Melbourne.
R12 Richmond.
R13 Carlton.
R14 Hawthorn.
R15 West Coast.
R16 Sydney.
R17 Fitzroy.
R18 Adelaide.
R19 Footscray, Melbourne And North Melbourne.
R20 Brisbane, Collingwood And Geelong.
R21 St Kilda.
R22 Essendon.


R01 North Melbourne.
R02 Sydney.
R03 Melbourne.
R04 Collingwood.
R05 Carlton.
R06 Ess, Fitz, Foot, Geel, Haw, Rich And STK.
R07 Adelaide.
R08 West Coast.
R09 Brisbane.
R10 Richmond.
R11 St Kilda.
R12 Fitzroy.
R13 Geelong.
R14 Hawthorn.
R15 Footscray.
R16 North Melbourne.
R17 Sydney.
R18 Melbourne.
R19 Collingwood.
R20 Carlton.
R21 Essendon.
R22 Adelaide.
R23 West Coast.
R24 Brisbane.


R01 Gold Coast.
R02 Adelaide.
R03 North Melbourne.
R04 Footscray, St Kilda And Brisbane.
R05 Melbourne, Sydney And West Coast.
R06 Fremantle, Geelong And Hawthorn.
R07 Collingwood.
R08 Carlton.
R09 Gold Coast.
R10 Essendon.
R11 Richmond.
R12 Port Adelaide.
R13 Collingwood.
R14 St Kilda.
R15 West Coast.
R16 Adelaide, Fremantle And Melbourne.
R17 Hawthorn.
R18 Port Adelaide.
R19 Richmond, Sydney and Brisbane.
R20 Footscray.
R21 North Melbourne.
R22 Geelong.
R23 Carlton.
R24 Essendon.


R11 Adel, Foot, NM, WCE, BL and GWS.
R12 Coll, Ess, Fre, Geel, Melb and Sydney.
R13 Carl, Haw, PA, Rich, STK and Gold Coast.


R11 BL, Fre, Haw, PA, Rich and Footscray.
R12 Geel, Melb, NM, STK, Syd And West Coast.
R13 Adel, Carl, Coll, Ess, GC And GWS.

As you can see, some rounds have more than one team for the byes.

I will edit this with greater clarity at a later date.


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