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My 21st Birthday Part 3.


Getting back to the serious of posts surrounding my 21st party, the 3rd post in the series was always going to be about the number of surprises that I could remember from the epic night.

It’s been almost 10 months since and as the months fly by, the more your memory of the night or very specific details fade to the point of turning a picture into just sketches.

At last count, I had 44 surprises that I could remember.

Date of 21st party: 07-09-2012.

The list of the surprises.

  1. My mother telling me to go to my grandparents after Skills2Work.
  2. Going to my grandparents’ place which, at the time was in Ferntree Gully (they now live in Bayswater) and my grandmother asking me if I wanted some chippies for dinner which, at the time, I remember saying, twist my arms which, as my family know, means I accept that offer.
  3. My sister and my mum’s partner greeting me as we rocked up to my house.
  4. Being asked to give my bag and my drink to them which, to me, was out of character seeing they don’t usually volunteer grabbing my things.
  5. Being whisked by my sister Stacey up the driveway was also out of character for mine.
  6. Seeing a banner which was coloured in Red and Black as they are the colours of my favourite team which is Essendon and what I also saw was the phrase “Turn it up” as I like saying that particular phrase.
  7. Walking up the driveway and seeing the back light off was weird as we usually leave it on when someone comes home at night.
  8. Stacey then asked me to run through the banner to see what would happen.
  9. SURPRISE! I was shocked, stunned, frozen and was staring blankly.
  10. The amount of people who were there.
  11. Seeing Jackson Lehmann there and pretty much front and centre.
  12. The theme of the night (AFL.)
  13. The setup of the house.
  14. The gate being dislodged in preparation for my run through the banner.
  15. The various guernsey’s from Chris’ (my mother’s partner) place being draped over the wall unit in the family room.
  16. The little digital jukebox created by one of the party goers (Matt “Bangers” Gee) with the font being Arial.
  17. Will and Emma coming from Western Australia.
  18. Speeches from my mother and Stacey.
  19. A speech from Azza.
  20. A little DVD created by some of my yearmates containing selfies and great moments.
  21. A second DVD created by some yearmates wishing me a happy birthday and one of my yearmates Rachel Findlay beatboxing because of my love of beatboxing in particular doing it through my nose.
  22. Some of my yearmates giving me presents and ca$h.
  23. One of the party goers, Sarah Rosendale, gave me a card with birthday messages from the old Bimbadeen Heights Primary School staff.
  24. One of Stacey’s mates, Jessy Franklin fronting the bar which was built by a cousin (Jack) of mine.
  25. His mother, my auntie (Di) creating and setting up a makeshift photo booth with many props.
  26. A tarpaulin set up in the backyard to shield from the rain that was teeming down in patches that night.
  27. A drum next to the tarp for the fire which was helpful in shielding from the cold.
  28. A little board painted with the Essendon guernsey and the No. 21 on the back which I thought was Dyson Heppell but, upon further discovery, learned it was to represent my 21st party.
  29. Partygoers then signing the board.
  30. My grandparents dressing up in more formal clobber before we left.
  31. John Nichol rocking up after the 135-97 Hawthorn win vs Collingwood in the first Qualifying Final.
  32. Nichol then giving me present containing a host of finals records and Inside Footballs from the 1970’s.
  33. Copious balloons (mainly Footy balloons.)
  34. Tables set up full of food, props and signs, of which phrases on them are some of my regularly blurt out often
  35. Brock Wellington rocking up
  36. A great little barbecue set up for a nice feed.
  37. An engaged couple who I went to school with (Penderz and Ben Barneveld) brought their daughter Shiloh with them and that was my first meeting with little Shiloh.
  38. Tom Green staying til the dark of night.
  39. Little cupcakes and an icing created person with a leg off with the idea behind that being that he’s legless (another term for being drunk.)
  40. Stacey not drinking alcohol because she was a bit sick.
  41. Little AFL club logo things across the patio ceiling.
  42. The enormity of it all.
  43. The stunned look on my face.
  44. Uncle Brian wearing Richmond gear.
  45. A secondary fire.
  46. Poles on the makeshift bar looking like small goal posts.

There we go.

Got more than 44 surprises.



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