My 21st Birthday Part 4.

The 4th post in the series of posts pertaining to my 21st party was always gonna be myself telling you about the aftermath of a night of surprisingly epic proportions.

The morning after the awesomeness I saw something I’d never experienced.
The house was so dead because of how tired everyone was.

I opened some of the presents I had got from some of the party goers that I hadn’t opened that very night.
The presents I got had a magazine and book predominance.
I got Backgammon, a book of useless facts and some Logitech PC speakers among other things.

My uncle Brian, my 3rd cousin Will and his wife Emma were sitting around in the backyard chewing the fat and telling jokes to pass the time.

Later on, my mother Angela’s partner Chris, who doesn’t usually sleep in, slept in the latest I’d ever seen him sleep (his sleep in being drunk assisted,) woke up in the arvo.
Mum, Chris and myself would watch the Geelong Fremantle game (Fremantle won 96 to 80 (a very typical Ross Lyon coached scoreline.) )

By the end of it, we were all so tired and made the house so dead which, as I said earlier, I’d never seen it so dead in my life.

This is the 4th and final part of a series of posts pertaining to my 21st party.
I hope this has made you feel as though you were there and partying, drinking, singing and dancing ’til your heart’s content.



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