Respect, for myself and many others, as it has always been the case throughout the years, has been a 2 way street.

If you’re gonna be the sort of person who demands respect like there’s no tomorrow, you’ll instantly be in my bad books because I’m not gonna put up with someone who constantly begs for respect like Oliver Twist wanting food.

I’ve never sought respect because that’s not the way I’ve been brought up.

If I wanted and demanded respect, I’d be seen as cocky and up myself which are shithouse qualities someone can possess.

How do you earn and gain the respect of others?
Simple, do the 1%’s and go about it in an unobtrusive manner.

Sort of like a defender in  the AFL (Australian Football League for non-Australians.)
They go about their Footy in a low key manner which is why they don’t often have their praises sung high enough.

If you comply with others’ values, morals, ethics and attitudes, you’ll do alright.

I feel it’s fitting that I share with you the following link



Peace out guys and gals.


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