My 21st Birthday Part 2.

This will be a 4 part series of posts pertaining to my 21st party which is what I forgot to mention in my previous post.

This post briefly focuses on the magnitude of the night.

The last post I did pertaining to my party only scratched the surface in regards to the awesomeness of the night.

I honestly couldn’t believe the turnout that my party received.

I must be some sort of deal because I think of myself as a brick in a massive wall.

I had an absolute ball at my party and I wish I could relive the night because, for me personally, it was such a blur that I didn’t give myself the opportunity to absorb the enormity and couldn’t fully appreciate the effort by everyone that put in a hell of a lot of work to make my party possible.

As I said, this is the second of a 4 part post pertaining to my 21st party.


Peace out.


P.s. there will be other topics and subjects in between so it’s not as if I’m neglecting this series.


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One response to “My 21st Birthday Part 2.

  1. Great comments Adz, you certainly have a way with words, which I and your grandpa admire. Well done Luv Gma xxx

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