YouTube Link (Part 1.)

I dedicate this post to a playlist of some songs I grew up listening to in Boronia.

The years I lived in Boronia, 1997-98.

Warning: The first song on the list (Urban Cookie Collective – The Key The Secret) goes on for a long time after the song ends so click on the next video to continue your listening.



From Adam Paul Haase.

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AFL Byes.

In the VFL/AFL, there have been byes to alleviate the stresses on players bodies and, in some cases, to cater for an odd numbered team number.

For instance, 1991-94 had 15 teams which meant that at least one team was required to sit the bye out.

The following is a list of rounds and the teams who were allocated byes for each round.


R01 BB, Carl, Ess, Fitz, Geel, NM And Syd.
R02 Footscray.
R03 West Coast.
R04 Hawthorn.
R05 St Kilda.
R06 Richmond.
R07 Collingwood.
R08 Adelaide.
R09 Melbourne.
R10 Carlton.
R11 Fitzroy.
R12 Essendon.
R13 North Melbourne.
R14 Geelong.
R15 Brisbane.
R16 Sydney.
R17 Footscray.
R18 West Coast.
R19 Hawthorn.
R20 St Kilda.
R21 Richmond.
R22 Collingwood.
R23 Adelaide.
R24 Melbourne.


R01 Coll, Fitz, Melb, NM, Rich, Syd And WCE.
R02 Adelaide.
R03 Carlton.
R04 Brisbane.
R05 Geelong.
R06 Footscray.
R07 Essendon.
R08 Hawthorn.
R09 St Kilda.
R10 Fitzroy.
R11 West Coast.
R12 Sydney.
R13 Richmond.
R14 Melbourne.
R15 Collingwood.
R16 North Melbourne.
R17 Adelaide.
R18 Carlton.
R19 Brisbane.
R20 Geelong.
R21 Footscray.
R22 Essendon.
R23 Hawthorn.
R24 St Kilda.


R01 Sydney.
R02 Fitzroy.
R03 Adelaide.
R04 Carlton, Footscray And Richmond.
R05 Collingwood, Hawthorn And West Coast.
R06 St Kilda.
R07 Essendon.
R08 Melbourne.
R09 Brisbane.
R10 Geelong.
R11 North Melbourne.
R12 Richmond.
R13 Carlton.
R14 Hawthorn.
R15 West Coast.
R16 Sydney.
R17 Fitzroy.
R18 Adelaide.
R19 Footscray, Melbourne And North Melbourne.
R20 Brisbane, Collingwood And Geelong.
R21 St Kilda.
R22 Essendon.


R01 North Melbourne.
R02 Sydney.
R03 Melbourne.
R04 Collingwood.
R05 Carlton.
R06 Ess, Fitz, Foot, Geel, Haw, Rich And STK.
R07 Adelaide.
R08 West Coast.
R09 Brisbane.
R10 Richmond.
R11 St Kilda.
R12 Fitzroy.
R13 Geelong.
R14 Hawthorn.
R15 Footscray.
R16 North Melbourne.
R17 Sydney.
R18 Melbourne.
R19 Collingwood.
R20 Carlton.
R21 Essendon.
R22 Adelaide.
R23 West Coast.
R24 Brisbane.


R01 Gold Coast.
R02 Adelaide.
R03 North Melbourne.
R04 Footscray, St Kilda And Brisbane.
R05 Melbourne, Sydney And West Coast.
R06 Fremantle, Geelong And Hawthorn.
R07 Collingwood.
R08 Carlton.
R09 Gold Coast.
R10 Essendon.
R11 Richmond.
R12 Port Adelaide.
R13 Collingwood.
R14 St Kilda.
R15 West Coast.
R16 Adelaide, Fremantle And Melbourne.
R17 Hawthorn.
R18 Port Adelaide.
R19 Richmond, Sydney and Brisbane.
R20 Footscray.
R21 North Melbourne.
R22 Geelong.
R23 Carlton.
R24 Essendon.


R11 Adel, Foot, NM, WCE, BL and GWS.
R12 Coll, Ess, Fre, Geel, Melb and Sydney.
R13 Carl, Haw, PA, Rich, STK and Gold Coast.


R11 BL, Fre, Haw, PA, Rich and Footscray.
R12 Geel, Melb, NM, STK, Syd And West Coast.
R13 Adel, Carl, Coll, Ess, GC And GWS.

As you can see, some rounds have more than one team for the byes.

I will edit this with greater clarity at a later date.

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My 21st Birthday Part 4.

The 4th post in the series of posts pertaining to my 21st party was always gonna be myself telling you about the aftermath of a night of surprisingly epic proportions.

The morning after the awesomeness I saw something I’d never experienced.
The house was so dead because of how tired everyone was.

I opened some of the presents I had got from some of the party goers that I hadn’t opened that very night.
The presents I got had a magazine and book predominance.
I got Backgammon, a book of useless facts and some Logitech PC speakers among other things.

My uncle Brian, my 3rd cousin Will and his wife Emma were sitting around in the backyard chewing the fat and telling jokes to pass the time.

Later on, my mother Angela’s partner Chris, who doesn’t usually sleep in, slept in the latest I’d ever seen him sleep (his sleep in being drunk assisted,) woke up in the arvo.
Mum, Chris and myself would watch the Geelong Fremantle game (Fremantle won 96 to 80 (a very typical Ross Lyon coached scoreline.) )

By the end of it, we were all so tired and made the house so dead which, as I said earlier, I’d never seen it so dead in my life.

This is the 4th and final part of a series of posts pertaining to my 21st party.
I hope this has made you feel as though you were there and partying, drinking, singing and dancing ’til your heart’s content.


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My 21st Birthday Part 3.


Getting back to the serious of posts surrounding my 21st party, the 3rd post in the series was always going to be about the number of surprises that I could remember from the epic night.

It’s been almost 10 months since and as the months fly by, the more your memory of the night or very specific details fade to the point of turning a picture into just sketches.

At last count, I had 44 surprises that I could remember.

Date of 21st party: 07-09-2012.

The list of the surprises.

  1. My mother telling me to go to my grandparents after Skills2Work.
  2. Going to my grandparents’ place which, at the time was in Ferntree Gully (they now live in Bayswater) and my grandmother asking me if I wanted some chippies for dinner which, at the time, I remember saying, twist my arms which, as my family know, means I accept that offer.
  3. My sister and my mum’s partner greeting me as we rocked up to my house.
  4. Being asked to give my bag and my drink to them which, to me, was out of character seeing they don’t usually volunteer grabbing my things.
  5. Being whisked by my sister Stacey up the driveway was also out of character for mine.
  6. Seeing a banner which was coloured in Red and Black as they are the colours of my favourite team which is Essendon and what I also saw was the phrase “Turn it up” as I like saying that particular phrase.
  7. Walking up the driveway and seeing the back light off was weird as we usually leave it on when someone comes home at night.
  8. Stacey then asked me to run through the banner to see what would happen.
  9. SURPRISE! I was shocked, stunned, frozen and was staring blankly.
  10. The amount of people who were there.
  11. Seeing Jackson Lehmann there and pretty much front and centre.
  12. The theme of the night (AFL.)
  13. The setup of the house.
  14. The gate being dislodged in preparation for my run through the banner.
  15. The various guernsey’s from Chris’ (my mother’s partner) place being draped over the wall unit in the family room.
  16. The little digital jukebox created by one of the party goers (Matt “Bangers” Gee) with the font being Arial.
  17. Will and Emma coming from Western Australia.
  18. Speeches from my mother and Stacey.
  19. A speech from Azza.
  20. A little DVD created by some of my yearmates containing selfies and great moments.
  21. A second DVD created by some yearmates wishing me a happy birthday and one of my yearmates Rachel Findlay beatboxing because of my love of beatboxing in particular doing it through my nose.
  22. Some of my yearmates giving me presents and ca$h.
  23. One of the party goers, Sarah Rosendale, gave me a card with birthday messages from the old Bimbadeen Heights Primary School staff.
  24. One of Stacey’s mates, Jessy Franklin fronting the bar which was built by a cousin (Jack) of mine.
  25. His mother, my auntie (Di) creating and setting up a makeshift photo booth with many props.
  26. A tarpaulin set up in the backyard to shield from the rain that was teeming down in patches that night.
  27. A drum next to the tarp for the fire which was helpful in shielding from the cold.
  28. A little board painted with the Essendon guernsey and the No. 21 on the back which I thought was Dyson Heppell but, upon further discovery, learned it was to represent my 21st party.
  29. Partygoers then signing the board.
  30. My grandparents dressing up in more formal clobber before we left.
  31. John Nichol rocking up after the 135-97 Hawthorn win vs Collingwood in the first Qualifying Final.
  32. Nichol then giving me present containing a host of finals records and Inside Footballs from the 1970’s.
  33. Copious balloons (mainly Footy balloons.)
  34. Tables set up full of food, props and signs, of which phrases on them are some of my regularly blurt out often
  35. Brock Wellington rocking up
  36. A great little barbecue set up for a nice feed.
  37. An engaged couple who I went to school with (Penderz and Ben Barneveld) brought their daughter Shiloh with them and that was my first meeting with little Shiloh.
  38. Tom Green staying til the dark of night.
  39. Little cupcakes and an icing created person with a leg off with the idea behind that being that he’s legless (another term for being drunk.)
  40. Stacey not drinking alcohol because she was a bit sick.
  41. Little AFL club logo things across the patio ceiling.
  42. The enormity of it all.
  43. The stunned look on my face.
  44. Uncle Brian wearing Richmond gear.
  45. A secondary fire.
  46. Poles on the makeshift bar looking like small goal posts.

There we go.

Got more than 44 surprises.


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The April 3 2009 Mooroolbark College Flooding.


Firstly, let me say I’m back (it’s great to be back) and when I last posted, I decided to give myself a bit of a breather to alleviate any possible signs of hitting the wall.


I had originally posted this as a Facebook comment to a guy who I have on my list and this was a photo comment and not your typical Facebook post or status.

There are some tweaks to give you an understanding of what happened.


The following entry is my take on what happened on that eventful day.

 Main body of information.

In 2009, when I was in Year 12, there was this massive rainstorm that hit Mooroolbark College.

It was a very hot and humid April 3rd which was a Friday.

I was standing outside the Common Room when all of a sudden, it started to piss down and what do I see in the distance, a Soccer game on the Basketball court in play.

I walked into the Common Room and wouldn’t you know it, the carpet flooded almost completely.

There was a crate thing that was in the middle of the school’s Common Room it became completely dislodged which caused the flooding.

The Common Room was one big meeting place where everyone was welcomed only if they respected its rules.

The gutters near the canteen were overwhelmed and leaked like a bitch.

It was a deluge of massive proportions.

A mini waterfall was created on the bank of the walkway near E Block.

Everyone was amazed, bemused and bewildered at the enormity of the flooding.

As I said at the start, this was a humid and sticky day.

The principal (Mr Geoffrey Flett, who was principal of Mooroolbark College from term 1 2002 – term 2 2008 had already left by then and was subsequently replaced by current principal Mr Simon Reid) decided to play buzzkiller and sent us off to Period 4 classes (we swapped from a 6 period school day to a period 4 day as of 2007.)

Everyone wanted to enjoy the moment as it was pretty darn spectacular.

It flooded that bad I saw a Year 7 student walk in the walkway without socks and shoes on as they copped a fair brunt of it.

At the same time, I walked to my Health class in X Block (they had brought in portables in 2007) and during class (I was sitting next to a window), I noticed one of the gutters was still leaking and the leak created a little puddle.

In my planner, I’d written a little note and showed it to a guy sitting in front of me.
Those words, “anyone got some shampoo?”

The puddles in the walkway were ankle high.

It claimed one school exercise book and pretty much flooded an entire locker.

Months later, the carpet was still a mess from that deluge, mainly due to the muddiness from the debris created by falling leaves, shoe marks and whatever else.

This was pretty darn cool I will add.

And as I lived (and still do) opposite the ECA, my journey home (I managed to make myself late for school because I didn’t give a shit) was a lot more easier than those who’d walk a few blocks to get home, catch a bus home or a train.

This was Melbourne’s weather at its finest.

Tomorrow marks 4 years since the greatest weather related thing I’d ever seen occurred happen.

It was such a blur that I didn’t give myself the opportunity to savour the moment and absorb the enormity of it all.

Thank you for reading this post of mine and let me say, it’s good to be back.

Peace out.


P.s. If you want to follow me on Twitter,

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Respect, for myself and many others, as it has always been the case throughout the years, has been a 2 way street.

If you’re gonna be the sort of person who demands respect like there’s no tomorrow, you’ll instantly be in my bad books because I’m not gonna put up with someone who constantly begs for respect like Oliver Twist wanting food.

I’ve never sought respect because that’s not the way I’ve been brought up.

If I wanted and demanded respect, I’d be seen as cocky and up myself which are shithouse qualities someone can possess.

How do you earn and gain the respect of others?
Simple, do the 1%’s and go about it in an unobtrusive manner.

Sort of like a defender in  the AFL (Australian Football League for non-Australians.)
They go about their Footy in a low key manner which is why they don’t often have their praises sung high enough.

If you comply with others’ values, morals, ethics and attitudes, you’ll do alright.

I feel it’s fitting that I share with you the following link



Peace out guys and gals.

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My 21st Birthday Part 2.

This will be a 4 part series of posts pertaining to my 21st party which is what I forgot to mention in my previous post.

This post briefly focuses on the magnitude of the night.

The last post I did pertaining to my party only scratched the surface in regards to the awesomeness of the night.

I honestly couldn’t believe the turnout that my party received.

I must be some sort of deal because I think of myself as a brick in a massive wall.

I had an absolute ball at my party and I wish I could relive the night because, for me personally, it was such a blur that I didn’t give myself the opportunity to absorb the enormity and couldn’t fully appreciate the effort by everyone that put in a hell of a lot of work to make my party possible.

As I said, this is the second of a 4 part post pertaining to my 21st party.


Peace out.


P.s. there will be other topics and subjects in between so it’s not as if I’m neglecting this series.

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My 21st Party.

Friday September 7 2012 will forever hold a place in my life as it
was the date I had my 21st party.

It was the best night and day of my life which saw copious amounts
of people turning up for this special occasion.

I had an absolute ball and loved every single part of it.

The day started like any other day but the first surprise of the day
was when, in the morning, I was told by my mum to go to
grandparents after Skills2Work which I was like, “this is odd, I
don’t usually get asked to go somewhere like this for no apparent

The day at Skills2Work started out like any other day.

I had my radio placement in the morning with Jackson Lehmann,
of whom I usually have radio placement with and it went

Later that day, I played a variation on the popular card game Uno
where you have to get to a score of 500 and if you can’t get a score
of 500 in one hit, you go another round and this continues until
you reach a score of 500.

The numbered cards’ numerical value is as is but with a skip,
reverse or a +2, these cards warrants 20 points each and with the
Wild and the +4, they are worth 100 points each.

At around about 3:40, I left Box Hill Station in readiness for
Ferntree Gully Station where I updated my grandmother with
messages regarding the stops the train would make and did that
from Ringwood onwards.

Little did I realise she was on her way to pick me up minus her
phone and had waited for me at least 20 minutes.

As this was in the afternoon, it was the time of the day where
schoolkids were coming on and off the trains which ensured a
packed carriage for the length of the trip.

As I was on my own, I decided to pick out the raw spaghetti I had
initially taken with me to be consumed for the day at Skills2Work.

They had softened in my mouth from all the saliva I was producing.

For the record, it tastes marvellous and I had it in my mouth from
between Box Hill and Laburnum Stations and swallowed them
between Heathmont and Bayswater Stations and it was during that
period I was coming down the home stretch on my way to getting
picked up from Ferntree Gully Station from my grandmother.

She then picked me up after I had touched on and off with my Myki
and we drove off promptly to her place.

I just assumed it was going to be a typical family dinner which then
leads me to my next surprise.

During the car trip, I was asked whether or not I’d like to have some
fish and chips for dinner.

I then replied, “twist my arm” which always means yes please in my
book when there’s a level of temptation involved.

This paved the way for many more surprises to come.

I was asked if I could leave my stuff in their car which was another
surprise as I felt it was out of character I felt for my grandmother to
say that.

I said g’day to my grandfather and their four Chihuahuas which I
do anyway.

It was a bit nippy the day overall with some patches of sunshine.

I would then settle myself in and have a couple of sanga’s which I

I also watched some Millionaire Hot Seat with the grandparents
and got a few questions right.

Was then proceeded to having the fish and chip dinner with a
couple more sanga’s.

Loved the food overall.

Later on, I would then proceed to see my grandparents go to their
room which was quite odd for that time of the night for them to
change clobber for mine and changed into less casual gear like
they were going to a restaurant.

They then asked me to get my stuff which is pretty standard to me.

Grandma went out the front to wait for Grandpa and myself.

Grandpa and myself were talking about a few things, one I recall
was the talk of how long it would take to go from one place to

This was triggered by the revelation that their car had travelled the
equivalent of say Melbourne to Perth and back again.

We then drove up the driveway to wait for Grandma to come to the
car for the trip home.

We proceeded to drive to Mooroolbark which is where I live.

We then turned into McDermott Ave which is one street away from
where I live.

We turned into Ross Pincott Dve which is where I live and also
where I saw alot of cars which I was like “WTF!”

Why are there this many cars parked along Ross Pincott?

I’d just assume there was something going on at the school which
there usually is with the Basketball a regular occurrence.

We then turned into my driveway where we all saw Stacey and Chris
basically acting like ushers.

They both asked me to give them my things which was odd in itself
as they’d never usually do that.

Stacey walked with me up to the garage where she told me to have
a look at a banner that was created for me.

I was told to go through the banner to suss it out.

I proceeded to run through the banner and lo and behold,
SURPRISE was the first thing I heard.

Mum was telling me to go see my mates.

I then proceeded to have a chat with everyone who was there.

I was so blown away by everything that was there.

I just couldn’t believe the magnitude of the night.

And this was only the start.

This will be the first of a 2 part post as this post was designed to be the post that detailed my day before the party and the build-up that happened.

Peace out. Adam.


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Technology Reliance.

This time 5 years ago, we had all started getting used to the awesome graphics of the then new Windows Vista which ushered in a new era of Windows usage as it had more of an immersive feel and was more comprehensive than Windows XP.

With the rise and rise of all types of technology, I feel that we’re being too reliant on every single bit of technology being used today and we’ve been so consumed by the amount of gadgetry out there we may’ve shrunk our capacity to think considerably and critically because we’re surrounded by these gadgets which have manifested our brains and have seemingly blocked our ability to think and spell.

Modern kids are so used to having a tool called auto-correct that they’re forgetting the basics in the world of spelling.

What is auto-correct?

Auto-correct is a tool or a prompt on Microsoft Word which is often brought up when there is seemingly a word or a phrase spelled incorrectly.

It is also used on an iPhone where for instance, someone could be inserting the name Maggie but, instead of the phone’s software recognising the name Maggie, it would change it to the word maggot and more often than not, people would accept that as the correct spelling.

I have often sung the praises of new technology but I feel we’re being too reliant on these gadgets and would love to see the return of the ability to cross reference in books, magazines and every page turning media, verbalise coherently and the ability to do some basic navigation.

This is the end of my first post and I will never fall for that one.


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Hello world!

Welcome to! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

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